About Andrew Kaufman Archive

Now in his 20th year as a photojournalist, Miami Beach based Andrew Kaufman is an award winning photographer with a unique zeal for life that comes across not only in his photography but in everything he does.

Andrew's images are as diverse as his interests. As an avid surfer, diver and swimmer, the ocean and ecology play a big part in Andrew's life and work. In search of new aquatic adventures Andrew has traveled to literally every corner of the world (more than 40 countries on 4 continents) producing fascinating portraits, news, features and travel adventure stories along the way. Andrew's portfolio is much like a portrait of himself and his life's experiences. If you want to know anything about Andrew it's all right there for you in the pages of his web site and portfolios.

Andrew is noted for his fun, eloquent, ever-evolving approach to portraiture, travel, news, and feature stories. Andrew is constantly challenging his eye by working with nearly every format of camera. Andrew is fluent in all formats of film and digital. Some of the stories you'll find in Andrew's archive include The Everglades (and most recently the droughts, fires, and firefighters of the Everglades), Florida's Presidential voting crisis (hanging chads), Australia escaping colonialism, the Czech Republic post-communism, the downfall of President Soeharto and Indonesia's first democratic elections with a special essay on Megawati Soekarnoputri, the illegal trade of endangered animals, Hurricane Katrina, Terri Schiavo and the right-to-die debate, not to mention portraits of people, places, and things from all walks of life, from kids on the street to power brokers of business, politics, and pop culture.

Andrew's work has been featured prominently in print by, but not limited to, Time, Newsweek, Fortune, Forbes, Business Week, Fast Company, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Men's Journal, Outside, Audubon, National Geographic Adventure, Sony, National Football League, Marlboro, and Leo Burnett.