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The Piscina Adan Gordon is a community swimming pool in the La Exposicion neighborhood of Panama City. Locals come here to work out and train. Adam Gord--n (21 of January of 1906, Taboga, Panama - 8 of March of 1966) was a Panamanian swimmer and first representative of Panama in the Olympic Games, in Amsterdam in 1928..At the same time which it exerted his activity of mechanic, swimming in beaches of its native island practiced all along. In the decade of 1920, after creation of the Sport Federation of Panama, invitations were received to participate in the 1928 event. Adam Gord--n then important activist by the sport, decided to pay for his participation in the event of 1928 in Amsterdam, where he had the opportunity to be moderate with great figures of the time, like the well-known Johnny Weissmuller..It would be necessary to hope until the creation of the Olympic Committee of Panama in 1947 so that Panama returned to participate in the Olympic Games..Before his participation in the Olympic Games he was well-known like the human fish, nickname that was changed by the Olympic solitaire after its participation..The Olympic Swimming pool of the city of Panama takes its name from end of the decade of 1960.