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MAKAN MAKAN, they are the simple words eat, eat in Bahasa, Indonesia. At Pasar Bandung in Denpasar  is the islands largest market. Every day it is packed with farmers selling their crops. You can buy whatever Bali has to offer at the market from food to crafts and equipment. The market pulses with energy 24 hours a day. Many items are perishable so all through the night when it is cooler buyers are looking for certain ingredients to make traditional dishes. ..Bali in the summer of 2011. Bali has changed so much in the ten short years since I have been there last. There are more motor bikes, cars and hotels. But the Balinese people still have their customs and rituals. Each village is a community of people. They fly kites, farm, cook together and make a life off the land. The Balinese are artisans making pottery, weaving baskets and goods, silversmithing, wood carving and statue making. Bali has changed but the people are still loyal to the traditional way of life.