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At 62nd Street and 17th Avenue in Miami lies Umoja Village. It is on the west side of I-95. Max Rameau a community leader built the shanty town in response to the county housing scandal where developers were stealing millions of dollars earmarked for affordable housing. Over 60 people are living in the village made up of pallets and old sofa's. .    Early in the morning of Thursday April 26th a candle that was left unattended started a fire that burnt the Umoja Village to the ground. The next day activists squared off against police trying to rebuild their village. About a dozen people were arrested trying to erect tents. Among those arrested was Max Rameau the leader of the group. Among the residents is John Cata. He chained himself to some furniture. The land was eventually cleared after some difficulties were protesters jumped on the bulldozers and had to be arrested. .    Miami has an affordable housing crisis and the Umoja Village fire has brought this to many people's attention.